Monday, March 5, 2012

First Ski, Second Tooth, Family Hol and The Naughty Step

First Ski

We were up in Aviemore for a long weekend last weekend and while we were there, Murray experienced his first time on skis. The point of the holiday was for us all to Ski, but as it has been such a dreadful season, it was clear that we wouldn't get a ski, but if we could find a we patch of snow, we'd get Murray on his skis, and so we did. It may have been blowing an absolute gale, but he got a couple of wee shots any way. He was totally confused as to what we were strapping onto his feet and looked completely non-plussed on his first go, but I think he did quite enjoy it.

Second Tooth

Murray's second tooth popped through 2 days after his first, so at least he's symmetrical. There's been no more since then, but judging from the grimaces he's constantly pulling, it may not be long until some more pop through.


We had a really nice family hol with my folks and my sis and bro in law despite not being able to ski. On the Sat, my sis, bro in law, Al and myself headed out for a nice afternoon hike while mum and dad looked after Murray. It was really good to be on the hills despite the chilly wind. On Sunday after church in the morning, Al and I headed out for a wee hike while Murray napped and then they all brought Murray to meet up with us at the bottom of the funicular. Murray loved the train and it was priceless to see his wee excited face. After his wee ski (which if I honest meant an awful lot to me as I too was first on my skis about 18 months old, so feel like the tradition is being passed on) and a snack we went back down on the train. I don't know whether we passed through a parallel dimension as we travelled down, but ever since it seems like Murray has been on the naughty step an awful lot. He's taken to: throwing his toys when he's cross; refusing point blank to eat his meals (but snacks are perfectly edible) - edit - a few days on he is now a bottomless pit, so perhaps he had a wee bug; shouting car or garden to get out in both (we go out every day, so I have no idea why he's doing this especially as it starts first thing before he's even dressed) and completely ignoring Al or me when we ask him to give us something. As you can imagine he's becoming quite familiar with the naughty step! I'm hoping it's just a wee mini phase and that he'll be back to his old self soon. Fingers crossed it's just associated with getting tooth number 3.

Snack Time in the Cabin before heading out for a Family Walk.

Yeah! I'm out of the Backpack - it's my Time to Walk!

Over The Bridge

On the Shores of Loch An Eilleen

Over the Roots because walking on the Path is far too easy!

BREAKFAST!!!! Noma noma!

Stories With Nanna

Riding in my Big Truck 
Soft Play Fun

Riding on the Choo Choo with Big Bird.

One Random Pic from our Walk on Sat

Playing in the Park outside the Cabin

Our Hike on Sunday. It was really Lovely.

On the Funicular - choo choo!

Snack Time at the Top of the Mt after my 'taxing' Ski!

Driving the Pretend Funicular - Beep Beep!


  1. Aw loved the video! Can't believe that little cutie was on the naughty step, but welcome to the world of toddler tantrums. At least I can negotiate with Cairn now. xx

    1. A cutie he really is, but he definitely has, shall we say, a lot of determination and personality!

  2. SO BIG!!! Can't believe he's just getting the teeth, crazy! also the skis are too cute!

  3. Wow, another tooth already! Looks like you had a great time in Aviemore. We are heading up that way in September - can't wait :-)