Thursday, October 3, 2013

Murray's First Running Race and Back to work and 11.5months!

Murray did his first running race today. He was a wee star. It was 800m (0.5 mile) and he ran pretty much the whole way. He was flagging a little bit towards the end, but I reminded him of the wee bag of sweeties he'd get and his pace fair pick up again. I was sooo proud of him because he wasn't sure about doing it and was saying no at first, but Al explained he would get to go through the finish gantry and that seemed to tip the balance to giving it a go. Harris joined in too, albeit in the buggy! It was 2 laps too and I think he did amazingly well to go round again even though he was tired.

Here he is with his certificate:

Murray is so fun and funny at the mo'. He loves to sing ALL the time and he makes me laugh as he changes the lyrics and makes them fit into the song. Here is a prime example:

Bob the Builder,
Can he fix it,
Bob the Builder,
No he can't, coz he's lost his tools!

Too funny!

Back to Work I Go!

I started back to work on Monday. I am working for Fiona at Kip McGrath, Stirling which is a tutoring centre like I owned, but closer to home and it is nice to be teaching without the responsibility of staff and payroll etc.
Wow, I forgot what a juggle it is to get ready and get out the door to work all while leaving snacks, nap times and meals for parents/hubby to do and all with a toddler chewing your ear off and a baby crawling everywhere, plling out things from your work bag etc! I also forgot how hard it is at work after a rough night, but was v quickly re- introduced to this as Harris was up between 3 and 5.30 teething on Monday!
At the mo' I'm covering a tutor who is on hol and then covering Fiona herself while she is away, but come Mid Nov, I will have a regular Thursday and build up a regular Tuesday. This means Murray can go to Preschool Mon, Wed, Fri and I can spend time with him on Tues/Thursday am before heading to work in the afternoon.
It is nice to use my brain in a different way and maintain my professional skills. I am shattered now though. Somewhere I need to squeeze in some study for my massage -prb shouldn't be blogging - although I did get an hour done this am while H napped and M was at Preschool!

11.5 Months

Harris is 11.5 months and pulling up to standing and can now get back down again, although that took a few days to master, complete with yelps of frustration! He's so sweet crawling about and standing at his wee piano and dancing to the beat!

A lovely family pic:

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