Friday, September 6, 2013

We have a crawler!

Harris crawled for the first time on Tuesday of this week (3rd September) at 10.5 months - not long after Murray who was just before 10 months. The big difference though is that Harris really got crawling trying to chase the hoover! Murray would crawled in the opposite direction! LOL!

Well done my clever little Harris! He's still quite slow at mo, but I reckon by next week I'll be back on the run!

Next post, I must write down some of the gems of chats Murray and I have - he is hilarious. Also, he is now able to dress himself bar buttons/poppers and I tend to place his t-shirt on his head so he can pull it down. He needs to be reminded to remember pants first,then trousers! LOL, but he can do socks and everything. He has to make his bed and put his jammies under his pillow in the am and after meals he has to load his dishes in the dish washer or at the sink if the dishwasher needs emptied! I love the getting dressed thing as I can put Harris in the travel cot and go get a shower while Murray gets on with getting dressed! Perfect! Stops me from taking over and keeps him on task! V proud of my wee boy though, he's doing great!

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  1. That's it, Cairn's making his own bed tomorrow :-) At least I know when he has PE at school, as he comes home with his trousers on back-to-front. Every time.