Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Some Fun in the Sun!

We've finally had some dry, sunny weather, so been able to have some fun in the sun in the back garden. My dad (Grancha) got Murray a bubble machine for his birthday and he LOVES IT!

Bubble Machine Fun!

I Can Drive My Own Car

Murray has been able to go backward for quite a while, but he has clocked onto how to paddle forwards which is great as it means less pushing for me!

Chalk Drawing on the Patio

Quite impressed with my idea for fun this afternoon. Got out the chalk and we drew on the patio slabs. There was a fair bit of teaching that it was ONLY the patio that was to be drawn on - not the gate, table and certainly not inside the house on the walls, so probably he is only just ready (or perhaps it is only just me that is ready) for this activity! He really enjoyed 'helping' me draw various things and 'colouring' them in.

Paddling Pool Fun!

Just after I had finished blowing up the pool (phew!) a big cloud came over, but Murray didn't care and was so excited. He kept repeating over and over: 'paddling pool, paddling pool'.

What a happy boy, sitting on the side of the pool and playing with his watering can.

That's a good idea, Daddy!

Entertaining a toddler is 100% easier when it is sunny and, in the words of Murray from the other day, not 'raining again'!

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