Sunday, December 18, 2011

Last Week of Term and Chatter, Chatter, Chatter.

Boy am I glad this is the last week of term now. The past 3 have been pretty rough with Murray getting a nasty cough and sinus and sticky eye bug which was duly passed to Mummy and Daddy. My throat was like swallowing razors and the cough was barking throughout the night so sleepless nights while Murray was sick and same when I was. Al thought he'd got away with it  better than me this time, but just as he was feeling better, it came back and bit hard and it has dropped into his chest. I ended up with no exercise for 2 weeks, but there was no chance at all. I count myself quite lucky though as some friends' kids have landed in hospital with it. It might not be the same thing of course and Murray will come down with that version, but I'm praying like mad he doesn't. Finally managed to get a workout on Thurs, Sat and Al and I got a lovely snowy, wintry hilly walk this afternoon, thanks to Nanna and Grandcha's playing services. It was nice to reconnect with Al.

Murray has taken a mega growth spurt and from being mid way between the 9th and 25th percentile at 13 months is now on the 50th percentile. No wonder he's been hungry - I thought it was just because he wasn't able to eat when he had his sore throat! His language this week has taken a wee burst too. We now have:

door for definite;
ca and mew for cat;
ba for sheep;
ut for out like when he wants out of his high chair.
ook for book and look (you have to use the context);
ta when he wants to give you something he's found, but not when you give him something - we're working on that!;
mik for milk;
had for hat and he even said nanna's had the other day.
He also says something that sounds very similar to in de ca for in the car.

He's following directions more and more - we've taught him to put his books back in his book box, by saying in the box.He thinks himself v clever and claps himself when he does it! He also comes running when I say: 'Come and get breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack' and if I say: 'Let's go and get dressed,' he'll stand at the bottom of the stairs.  My next one is trying to get him to stay near when I let go of his hand to put my coat on.It is a NIGHTMARE - he is off like a shot. I've nearly had a hundred cardiac arrests as he shoots out a door. I NEVER let go in a car park because he'd be away before I knew it. He's obsessed with doors too so the other day he managed to escape at playgroup. He's calmed down quite a lot in the house, but if we go somewhere, he just wants to explore so much he won't even wait to take his jacket off! it certainly keeps me on my toes! Oh and he knows where his nose and mouth are too.

He still doesn't have any teeth, so I've made an appointment with the dentist on the 17th Jan and they'll take an x-ray to make sure they are there!

Oh and we went to his nursery's Xmas party last Wed. It was really good fun to see him play in the nursery. Santa visited and Murray was really good with him - he looked totally non-plussed as he always does when it is something new! Another party this Wed at our village's playgroup and another visit form Santa - wonder what his expression will be this time!

I gave Murray his second Haircut today. I still dare not take him to a barber as it is a blood bath waiting to happen! LOL! I do love my little boy with ants in his pants!


  1. so fun to see how Murray is growing since he's around the same age as Kara! Being sick is horrible - hope you get a good break!

  2. That's boys for you!
    I take Cairn to a barber who has a chair shaped like a car - complete with steering wheel. He also has lollipops and budgies :-)
    Hope Murray is better now.
    Have a lovely Christmas
    Debs xx