Thursday, September 29, 2011

Photo and Video Catch Up

Murray is walking BIG time and like his crawling, is developing a serious pace. He is Duracell bunny. He never stops. See below how the idea of sitting in a hammock is his idea of hell and is desperately trying to escape.  It is very difficult to tire him out. He simply has to walk everywhere which at times is v impractical, but the boy won't be argued with! 

I attacked Murray's hair with the scissors, so this is his first haircut.

 Al picked up Murray from nursery the other night to find him dressed in these rather fetching pink leggins! Apparently at snack time when the staff were clearing up all the unwanted fruit Murray took a run for it and shoved a whole handful in his mouth and ran off. He consequently choked on his uber mouthful and sicked up a little! Ah Murray!

And finally a wee video of the wee dude with his new toy. He went round and round and round!

1 comment:

  1. he looks ADORABLE! I love these pictures, especially the first 2. And the idea of the hammock being hell, haha, hilarious!