Sunday, September 18, 2011

Coming to a Tricky Decision.

Today I came to a decision. I won't be doing my bike race next weekend.

After my last long bike ride I was in a lot of pain again. The downward pressure on my pelvis for that long on the bike was obviously a step too far. I was in really bad pain for a week after and so skipped my long bike last weekend in an attempt to help it ease. In addition I was so tired I keep going a bit dizzy when I stood up, so figured if I rested I'd knock any bugs on their head before they amounted to anything. Unfortunately, despite waking up on Monday feeling less fatigued, while at the gym, my tummy started cramping and well, without going into too much detail, Murray had given me his bug. I managed to stagger through the week despite a bloated tummy that made me look about 5 months preggers and too many trips back and forth to the loo to count. My tummy is gradually settling down although it's still a bit dodgy. I could handle the tummy bug though as I know it would eventually pass and if it was just that I would probably muscle on, but I had physio on Friday and the treatment she does leaves me really quite sore after on a normal day, but, as I was still sore from the previous ride nearly 2 weeks prior, it was jump off the bed pain. So as I am still sore today I have made the decision that it would be ridiculous to do the bike ride next weekend, especially as I have my coccxy manipulation 2 days after the bike ride.

I'm pretty gutted as I was looking forward to both the ride and a wee family trip away, but I cannot afford to put my recovery back. It has taken 14 months to get this far and so I'll just have to be a little more patient. The race will be there another year when I'm not in pain and my health is tip top. For now Murray needs a mummy who is healthy and not in unbearable pain.


  1. how about a shorter race!! I'm sorry that this isn't going to work out!

  2. Think you are right Kaz. There will be so many more races in the future that you can do. It's a frustrating thought but feeling your best is what is important.