Sunday, July 3, 2011

Birthday Boy!

Murray turned 1 on Friday. I was so excited to get him up, but weirdly he slept until 7.50am! I didn't of course (programmed to wake at 6am at the latest plus I was going for a bike ride with a friend so needed to get up for breakfast). It was so odd to be up before anyone else, but as soon as I heard him I rushed in singing Happy Birthday which he loved! We opened his cards and gave him his wee Thomas the tank ball we got him, but then it was time for him to go to nursery. I love his birthday banner made by my aunty - there are 10 birthday bears and you put the hat on the bear holding the correct number!

My friend and I had a great 34/35 mile bike ride then it was a quick shower before picking Murray up from Nursery and heading to the supermarket to buy up what felt like the entire store for Murray's party! Al's sister had arrived on the Thursday evening and Al's parents on the Friday so they all went off together for the day as Al was working but when they got back Murray was excited to see his Nicholl grandparents and aunty.

Due to work commitments we planned his party for Saturday and saved his pressies for then. We had planned a BBQ come rain or shine, but fortunately, by some miracle, when we woke it was blue skies and stayed gorgeous all day. When my sis and parents arrived my sis and I set about decorating the cake. I was pretty pleased with the results! I really felt like a mum when I was doing that!

We then had champagne to celebrate our first year of parenthood and opened Murray's presents which he loved!

As it was such a lovely day we put the water pit straight up and it kept him happy for ages!

We all just sat around watching Murray play until it was time for his nap. Unfortunately he was asleep when we did his cake, but he got his bit at tea time - I can't say he terribly impressed!

I cannot believe my wee boy is 1 - how,how, how did I become the mum of a 1 year old - so hard to get my head around still!

As Al's family were still here today and it is still nice weather, Al and I got a lovely walk together in Comrie while Murray slept. What a nice wee present for us to get some together time.

After a lovely lunch at our favourite Deli

and meringues in the garden (Al's mum is a demon meringue maker) on our return, they headed off home. Al's sis stays until Tuesday and so Al has taken the day off tomorrow - what a great way to start the summer hols! Long may the sunny days continue!


  1. sooo cute! where did the time go! Happy Birthday little guy!

  2. That looks like a brilliant birthday! :-)