Sunday, June 26, 2011

New Skills!

On Tuesday I was showing Murray how to walk with his walker as he is so good at standing. He was able to push down on it so it wouldn't scoot away from him straight away. He did really well and at one point I was even able to let go for about a second! Then on Wednesday, the wee dude took off with the thing! He just looks so pleased with himself! I don't think it will be long until he is off without it!

Yesterday I was putting fruit pieces onto his spoon and guiding the spoon up to his mouth and soon enough he managed to put a few in by himself. Today he was putting his own bits of strawberry onto his spoon and very carefully guiding his own spoon into his mouth with strawberry still on (most of the time - one bit hit the kitchen door and one his forehead!). What a clever boy!

Not so good is his sleep at the mo. Thursday wake up was 5.30am, Friday 4am and this am 5.40!!!! Even worse than that is that his naps are going haywire. He refused to have an am nap on Thursday -yeah, last session at work was fun - my ability to teach algebra was not at its usual level! And his pm nap on Tues and yesterday were just a hideous battle to get him to settle - he was absolutely exhausted, but fought it and fought it. On Wed pm (I wasn't at work as my car had broken down) I took him for a walk in the buggy as I couldn't face the crying,but he didn't fall asleep the whole hour and 15 mins we were walking even though I had put on the sun shade/ black out cover. I was wondering if I needed to switch him to one nap a day, but that would mean no time out in the morning before work - AAAAAAAAAAGH however we hung blankets over the curtains and he has napped fine and even slept until 7am this morning - bliss.

Exercise has been better again this week:
Sunday: 3 mile walk without buggy
Monday: 50 min gym ~ 5 miles + 30 mins pilates
Tuesday: REST - had wanted to go to swim group but the monsoon weather knocked out the electrics in the car so it wasn't going anywhere!
Wednesday: 60 mins spin ~ 6 miles + 4 mile walk with buggy = 10 miles
Thursday: 30 mins pilates
Friday: 40 min gym ~ 4 miles
Saturday: 3 mile walk with and without buggy (Al and I actually got some time together)

I had hoped to get out on the bike today, but crappy weather put that idea to bed and I joined it! LOL - Al took Murray out to give me some time out and I went to sleep. I'm happy with a 25 mile week to ease me back into it.

On Friday Murray will be 1 year old!!!!!! Where has it gone? Every time I give him a bottle I cherish the cuddle we have as those moments are numbered! Oh and I nearly forgot - Murray will wave when you wave at him now - sooooooo cute and he stood without holding for about 2 secs yesterday - crickey he's growing and learning at the mo'.

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  1. 1 year already, wow!! We are hitting these same skills and it's really fun!!!