Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Chicken Pox!

Poor Murray has had a good dose of the Chicken pox. Poor wee soul, he was covered. Had never thought about it before, but some of the places they can get spots is rather mean! Just so I have a record, things that really helped were: Tepid baths with bicarb of soda; children's piriton (really good); calpol; tee tree antispetic cream for the yukky ones and special cooling gel stuff specifically for the pox called vira gel. Also keeping him as cool as poss so vest and shorts and pants rather than nappies as much as poss, plus just a sheet at bed. He was a wee star.

A Quarantine Activity: Make A Rocket!

Here are some pics taken recently:

Shopping for a new Hoover. Harris was besotted with his big bro and kept lookng up at him and laughing. Murray was being really sweet and was super happy to have Harris there and kept giving him kisses on his head. Heart swelling moments!

Daddy and Harris

Grandma and Grandad came to visit and we went to Auchingarrich:
We played in the sand.

Petted the baby chicks

And Mummy, Harris and I had fun on the slides.

Bedtime stories with the boys.

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  1. The boys in that shopping trolley on Monday was so funny. Harris was loving it and Murray was happy to have the company. Fun fun fun!