Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Harris' Baptism

On Saturday (12/01/13) we celebrated Harris' Baptism. It was a lovely service for just Harris and just as we had done for Murray, we had coffee and cake in the family room after. It was really nice to share this special occasion with my family and friends. After coffee and cake the immediate families and my friend Emily ( one of Harris' Godmothers), her husband and her boys (one of whom is my Godson) came home for lunch and a toast to my wee boy Harris.

It was a lovely day, but woah - how hard is it to organise things with 2 babba in tow? All worth it though as the family room looked lovely and everyone seemed to have a good time. I thought the major fly in the ointment was going to be the fact that Harris refused to take a bottle (so glad I spent half an hour I didn't have expressing!). Total shame, because I was at the church setting up the room and when I phoned home to remind Al to bring the milk for tea and coffee, the phone was answered by a stressed Al, saying, 'he's not taking it, he's not taking it! 'Poor chap. I definitely had a realisation  that I am now a 2nd time mum. Last time, I'd have probably been freaking out too, but this time I was like, well, just bring the boys up and we'll work it out. Fortunately Harris managed to last until after the length of the service and actually as long as he faced out and could see all that was going on he was quite happy chatting away to the Canon. Unfortunately after he wouldn't take the bottle from me either so, as my outfit was not bf friendly, I had to disappear into the kitchen for 20 mins or so while everyone else relaxed, but finally I could cut the cakes.

A week and half has gone by and I'm shattered. Murray has hit the terrible twos (since before Christmas) with vengeance and it is relentless. We have some good days or rather parts of a day and I def try to catch the good bits, but the constant battles to get dressed, nappies changed, winter clothes/boots on, hands washed...... is so wearing. Everyday I start off positive, but when he completely ignores you time after time - phew - they have to go through it, and I have to keep plugging away at it, but wow, motherhood is NOT easy! Ah well -  to help us regain some composure, Al and I ran for the hills or rather my folks so they could look after the boys while I tromped up their nearby hill and the 1.5 hours we got together really renewed the batteries, although they are dipping again today! LOL!

On a positive note, Murray has been settled into his big boy bed and loves it. He loves to cuddle down after stories for a wee snuggle.

We have to tackle potty training really soon as he is showing to be ready ( I think). I can't face it, but I know it has to be done. All these new stages must be the hardest first time round. Poor Murray has to be our guinea pig! ;-)

Despite the terrible twos (or maybe because - I need my time plus it makes me feel positive to start the day) I'm getting back into my exercise. The week before the baptism I did 3 sessions as it was a busy week, but last week I did my aimed 4 sessions and so far this week we've done 2 so looking good.

Last week:
2 x 1 hour swims (115 and 120 lengths)
1 x 50 mins gym session
1 x hike in the snow (1.5 hours)

I was going to finish the post with some fun videos of the boys, but they are taking too long and I want to finally finish this post so I will finish up by saying I got Harris weighed on Monday at 13 weeks and 5 days and he was 13lbs 5oz. Clever boy.


  1. Gosh it sounds tough going with two!
    It's good you are still able to have your me time.

  2. Ah potty training. Such fun :-)xx