Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Whole lot of January.

Oh my God - this has been the longest month ever!

January is a pretty cruddy long month anyway, but this one I have actually been awake more than I should have been. I would say we have had about 5 full undisrupted nights of sleep in the whole of the month between stomach bugs, colds, high temperatures, teething (yes I know he doesn't have any teeth, but believe me he teethes.) and possible 18 month sleep regression - who knows. I'm so tired now I've stopped trying to work out why!  This is a bad dose of teething too and I can actually feel some lumps and swelling in his gums, so who knows maybe soon I will no longer have a gummy bear. If I have at least got teeth to show for the severe bags under my eyes, all will be forgiven.

 He's actually fast asleep at the mo, about 2 hours before he usually naps as he's (we've) been up since 4.45am. At least there was no chance of sleeping in for my swim! We headed out to Playgroup in Crieff once I was back and breakfasted and he fell asleep en route -had to do an about turn and get him into his bed and he was so tired from his night time nonsense that I was able to remove his shoes, jacket, trousers and put him into his sleeping bag still fast asleep!

As a result, exercise has been a bit erratic - last week I got a 4.5 mile hike, 60 min gym session and 130 lengths swim session (1 hour). This week has started well with a 5.5 mile serious pace on hike with my mate Wendy, and despite the bad night a 140 lengths swim session (1 hour) this am. Hopefully meeting Wendy for a swim on Thursday too so no matter how bad the night, I'll be dragging myself there! I plan to go to the gym on Wed and one day at the weekend. Fingers crossed.

Roll on February! Perhaps a change of month will bring back my good wee sleeper.

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