Saturday, October 22, 2011

Helen's Wedding + Family Holiday

On Friday we drove up to Dulnain Bridge a few miles North of Aviemore. Murray of course woke up early in Friday so instead of being able to get the car packed and then put him in the car for nap time, he was a total limpet as he was tired so we had to put him for an early nap and head after he had lunch when he woke. This meant we had 30 minutes of peaceful journey before he started wrestling his seat to get out. We lasted another 30 minutes of us singing nursery rhymes before we stopped at the house of Bruar for him to have a run around and snack. He was a bit better the second half of the journey, but we did find ourselves back singing silly tunes for the last 15mins. The venue was lovely and my sister ad booked us a lovely big room with a sitting area in it so we had room for Murray to run around. The best thing was that the monitor worked perfectly so we didn't need a babysitter on either of the nights. I'm very glad I only had 1 glass of wine though as we woke Murray going into our room at night (midnight) and he refused to go to sleep until after 4am! He was like a ruddy meercat popping his head over the travel cot. I even took him into our bed which I never do, but although he did lie relatively still, if you discount him sticking his fingers up my nose, he just wouldn't sleep. Thankfully once he fell asleep he slept until 8am so we got a few hours at least. In the morning folk had a game of rounders while I had a nap and Al drove Murray around to get him to nap, but to no avail! At least he rested! Then after lunch it was a crazy dash to get ready. My sister looked beautiful and the ceremony was really lovely. The minister was really friendly, but still had a nice sense of occassion. Poor Murray was a bit confused as to why he couldn't come to me at first! It was quite funny during the ceremony, as Murray was getting a bit restless and I knew Al had forgotten to give him snack so mid prayer I was trying to mouth, 'snack' to Al without causing to much disruption!

A Nicholl family shot in our glad rags!

The bride and groom to the left and us. I hadn't realise they were behind us while we were trying to get a family shot. If I had, I'd have got them to join us. I like this photo as if you look down at Helen's feet you can see her gorgeous red shoes peeking out.

My parents and the new Mr and Mrs White.

Dad was all pleased with himself in this photos as he had managed to sneek up on the step so he didn't look so short next to my sister in her KILLER heels. No joke, they were about 6 inches high!

After the ceremony we had champagne and canapes in the bar. I think I just about managed to get a glass in between chasing after Murray! Dinner was at 7pm so we were able to do Murray's bath and bed time as usual and he was out like a light. The meal was lovely. We all sat at 1 big table and it was a really great evening. All the speeches were funny too. After the meal Helen and Ian cut their cake which was made by one of their friend's daughters who is 13. Ailsa did a great job and even did little figures of Helen and Ian skiing on the cake.

I managed to stay up until my sister and Ian went to bed and then we headed off hoping for a good night's sleep, but not before I managed to get a really nice photo of my sis and I. Love you Hel!

It was not to be - again we didn't get to sleep until after 4am. What a killer! Nevermind. Despite the lack of sleep, he really was a good boy, but you could see he was absolutely shattered and a little overwhelmed by all the company and excitement. After another yummy breakfast, the new Mr and Mrs White waved us all off, before they headed on honeymoon themselves.

We had a few mile drive down the road to get to our cabins, but we couldn't get in until 2pm so we got some lunch at the 'Skiing Do' which I hadn't been in for ages - so retro! We then drove around so Murray could nap before checking into our chalet which was lovely. After the previous 2 nights we had decided Murray would be going in the bedroom while we slept on the matress in the livingroom. This worked out far better as Murray slept through until 7am every night! I think on Sunday night i was in bed by 8 and Al by 9pm!

Murray getting settled into the chalet

Mumy and Murray both pooped from lack of sleep - note the mattress propped behind the sofa so we can sleep in the living room and actually have enough energy to enjoy the holiday!

We had a lovely holiday, filled with walks in the Rothiemurchus area which is ideal for small children as it is flat area with the mountains in the background. The views were stunning as it had been snowing on the tops and they were glistening white. I really love this area.

We bought Murray and all in 1 rain suit and oh my gosh, he just looks adorable in it. He was really toasty in general, but poor wee thing, his hands did get really cold out on 1 walk and it brought back memeories of painful hands as a kid. Of course it didn't help that he thought it would be fun to put his hands, gloves and all, straight into a really cold puddle!

Feeling all pleased  with himself as he has just had great fun in the afore mentioned puddle... and then the cold set in....

I love this photo as it reminds me of one my favourite moments all holiday, or perhaps ever. Just after this Murray wander around to my back, pulled my hood over my head, then came back around the front, gently kissed me on the lips and gave me the best cuddle ever! What a lucky mummy I am.


  1. Aw you all look gorgeous. Loving wee Murray in his puddle suit.

    Cairn's going to his first wedding this weekend. I've put off taking him to any so far. I'll have a giant bag of Buttons for the church ceremony.

    Debs xx